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March 17 2018

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What Size Storage Unit Is Needed?

People who are renting Self Storage Units for the first time will have no idea what size units the will need. It is difficult to look at personal belongings and imagine them in boxes that can be stacked two or three high. The inclination is to over-estimate which leads to paying more for Self Storage Units in Bronx than will ever be used. This is not a problem when selecting an experienced storage company


The Bronx is the third largest county in the United States with approximately one million people living there. There are a multitude of choices for Self Storage Facilities in the Bronx. It is best to use experience in the industry as the first filter to narrow down options. Staff will be trained to help customers figure out what size unit is needed.

Packing supplies will be available on-site, and customer service will be excellent. Finding a facility that is part of a chain is also a plus. Economy of scale will translate into better amenities than single location companies, and typically lower pricing. The variety of sizes will be higher because the company has learned that people have different degrees of belongings and needs.

Affordable Amenities

Some facilities will have many amenities that drive up the rental prices. Twenty-four hour security guards, for example, or climate-controlled units will cost customers a lot of money. This is not the case of all Storage Units in Bronx NY. One company, Storage Post, operates facilities in five states and strives to offer amenities without charging a small fortune for them.

Customers can choose indoor or outdoor storage, climate-controlled units or regular ones, and can rent sizes that start with a five-foot by five-foot locker and continue up to a double extra-large space. A security system is operational and access into the grounds of the facility is controlled via keypad. Secure parking spaces are available, and the elevator makes moving belongings easy.


Specials among facilities are common so customers can expect them in most places. They may include the first month of rent at half price, discounted pricing on certain units, or a free padlock for the unit door. Take advantage of promotions and deals to save money. A storage unit will not cost as much as a bigger apartment so it is the best alternative. It may be wise to start looking for a unit as soon as you move into the area to make sure belongings will be safe and secure.

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